Have you ever wondered how to talk with that pro-abortion friend, encouraging them with thoughtful and factual discussion to reconsider their position? Or, been in a church service with a pastor or teacher who was doing the best they could with this tough topic, and you wanted to help them with more tools and encouragement? The day to gain those skills is here!

Compassion is bringing Dr. Marc Newman’s Contend for Life Conference to Michigan for one day only – Thursday, August 22. Marc is president of Speaker for Life, a training firm that equips pro-life advocates with communication skills. There are two sessions for the conference and you are invited. We also need your help with inviting your pastor! Details:

  • The first conference session (11 am – 1 pm including lunch), “How to Teach the Toughest Topic” is for pastors, parochial school teachers, church elders, and anyone else who would have a platform to speak publicly on defending the lives of the unborn. Pastors, your church members are not immune to the persuasive rhetoric of the abortion industry. Research shows that over 40% of all women who’ve had an abortion were church attenders at the time, and nearly half say that when the pastor preaches about forgiveness from the pulpit, it doesn’t apply to them. This 90-minute seminar will inspire and equip you to preach effectively on abortion, breaking through the cultural fog in order to protect our people and influence our culture.
  • The second conference session (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm), “Contenders: Making the Case for Life” is for everyone who wants to be better equipped to make the scientific, moral, and biblical case for life with reasoning and evidence. You’ll learn to winsomely respond to hard-case arguments about rape, incest, and threats to the life of the mother and much more. We encourage participants of the first conference session to return for the second, as the teachings are different in content.
  • Location for both sessions has been graciously provided by The Woods Church, 14300 E Thirteen Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48088. You are welcome to bring water bottles and coffee cups with lids as we’ll be meeting in a fellowship/teaching room with tables. We will not be able to provide childcare.
  • Please help us connect your pastor to this helpful teaching! You are encouraged to send your church name, pastor’s name, and any contact information available for them to Sue at director@compassionpregnancy.org. We’ll contact your pastor to ask if they would like Compassion to help them register, provide small flyers for the congregation, email their tech team an image to include the event in church visual announcements, etc.

There is no cost to register for either session but you must register. To register, go to https://speakerforlife.com/events.  Make sure to scroll down to our particular events in Warren, Michigan to enter your registration information.  (Events are sorted by date.)  Make sure to choose “How to Teach the Toughest Topic” if you are attending the lunch-time session for teachers and pastors, and choose “Contenders: Making the Case for Life” if you are planning to attend the evening session.

Let’s influence our community to CONTEND FOR LIFE!